Data Analytics

Training and Coaching for Accountants

Why Training Services?

The ability to extract meaningful insights from financial information and use those insights to provide advisory value to clients is a skill that most firms seek in their future leaders. However, many of our highest potential candidates are so busy preparing their client’s financial information for analysis, that they rarely get the chance to practice their analytical skills.

If you have a group of professionals who wish to become true advisors for your clients, consider incorporating our Analytics Development Program® (ADP) into your learning programs.

The specific topics taught in each ADP are customized based on your firm’s goals and the experience level of the group you identify. Some of the more typical topics include:

  • Business Intelligence Concepts and Terms
  • Business Analytics Tools and Ecosystem
  • Data Management and Lifecycle
  • Bridging the gap between business and IT
  • Technical focus
    • Connecting to data sources
    • Transforming and preparing data for analytics
    • Performing analysis methods and techniques
    • Extracting insights
    • Visualizing data and communicating
    • Driving business results

Our clients find the combination of technical videos, self-guided reading, 1:1 coaching sessions and practical application of concepts not only effective, but convenient for their busy schedules. When the program ends, the participants will have gained tactical strategies for:

  • Methods to effectively analyze data and make better, more informed business decisions
  • Working with Excel as your “go-to” tool to:
    • Master real-world spreadsheet modeling concepts
    • Examine data cleansing methods to improve accuracy
    • Explore ways to manage data maximizing Excel’s Math and Logic capabilities
  • Visualizing data in compelling charts and dashboards to communicate findings
  • Exploring predictive analytics based on revelations in your effectively sorted and presented data

Whether it is a single a la carte session, a train-the-trainer development program, or curating a comprehensive data analytics resource for your firm, Akseshen is ready to help you reach your goals! Please contact us to learn more and discuss how we can make a difference in your organization.